DHIR Milk Test

On January 6, 2018, Karen Torrence gave a presentation on DHIR Milk Test at our Waynesboro location that covered the following information:

The American Dairy Goat Association’s DHIR stands for Dairy Herd Improvement Registry. This test obtains the following information:

  • Values for each milking doe and total herd
  • Completed and projected records
  • Customized features including reproduction, health records, and young stock programs
  • Somatic cell count
  • Persistency
  • Interface with type scores
  • Sire/dam/doe genetic values
  • Action lists
  • Selection objectives

If you would like to view the live stream from this presentation, you can access it at this link:

Part one: Live Stream Part One

Part two: Live Stream Part Two

We will begin posting our notes in our blog for participants to download prior to the live stream in order to follow along more easily with the presentation. For this class, you can access the notes here: DHIRBasics