Hello, Texas!

We’re excited to announce that New Country Organics is expanding to the Southwest with the acquisition of Economy Mills in Lubbock. 

Customer Inquiries

Rebecca Gregoire and her helpful customer care staff.
(888) 699-7088 / customercare@newcountryorganics.com

Reseller Inquiries

Kevin Fletcher
(540) 466-1568 / kevin@newcountryorganics.com

Media Inquiries
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We thought there might be a few questions, so we prepared some answers in advance. Feel free to reach out if you don’t find what you need. 

Press Release | Logos & Images

What does this expansion mean?

It means we are making our premium organic products much more accessible to a much larger community. In fact, New Country Organics is now available in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and (of course), Texas.

Economy Mills by Tim Oliver, Tim Oliver Fine Art

Economy Mills | Courtesy of Tim Oliver Fine Art | www.timoliverart.com


Tell me about the mill…

Built in 1925, Economy Mills produced a variety of livestock feeds. We’ve worked closely with the former mill owners, Claude and Gerry Tatum (and it’s been a great pleasure), and the Lubbock community has been very welcoming. We’re excited to be restoring this historic mill, to be here in Texas, and to better serve the Southwestern organic community.

What’s your plan?

We are dedicated to growing New Country Organics in a socially responsible way, and restoring Economy Mills is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Completion of the mill as an organic certified and operational feed processor will occur as soon as extensive reconditioning of the mill, deep organic cleaning and repairs occur. Beginning in early October, the facility will serve as New Country Organics’ Southwest distribution hub, and production of certified organic feed is expected to begin in early 2017. Once completed, freshly-milled feeds – sourced with grain from local and regional organic farms whenever possible – will be available for purchase and shipping throughout the region. We will be updating this page with updates and new information.

I’m new to New Country Organics. Where should I start?

We’re glad you’re here! Start with our Manifesto, and if you’d like to dig further check out our blog, Squawk Box. The organic community is a vibrant social web of farmers, families, educators, ecologists, heritage historians, activists, foodies and more. It’s a noisy and hungry bunch. At New Country Organics we take pride in the fact that our customers see us as partners and that we all see ourselves as being in this together. We believe in the Certified Organic program. We work hard to find the best products. Products that we use ourselves and products that we know will be appreciated by our customers. Because they trust us. And we value and honor that bond. It’s a great community.

How do I become a reseller?

Do you want to reach knowledgeable organic buyers with authentic organic products? Are you willing to keep layer feed stocked continuously so our users can find the feed they need for their birds whenever they need it? Do you have a storefront? We’d be grateful for the chance to work with you. Email us or Call Kevin, Jim, or Steve for more information (888) 699-7088.

How do I get your feed?

We are contacting potential resellers and retailers in the Southwest region who will be served by the Lubbock facility. If you can’t find a nearby reseller in our system, you can order online from our website, or you may want to consider getting a buyer’s club together. But if you’re in the area, please come on by the shop and say hello!

Can I form a buying club?

Sure can! Email us or Call Kevin, Jim, or Steve for more information (888) 699-7088.

How do I get to your new location?

New Country Organics

1413 Ave B Lubbock, TX  79401

Take Exit 3 off I-27; 15th and Avenue B

I hear you buy organic grains. I’m an organic farmer. Who do I contact?

Yes! Whenever possible we source organic grains from local and regional farmers. Email us or Call Kevin, Jim, or Steve for more information (888) 699-7088.

I’m an Economy Mills customer. Do you offer comparable product?

We don’t offer any molassed feed, but we’d really like to meet and chat with you and introduce you to the benefits of certified organic, soy-free feeds. Email us or Call Kevin, Jim, or Steve for more information (888) 699-7088.