New Country Organics: A Message from CEO Jim Campbell

By now, some of you will have heard our news: New Country Organics is expanding to Texas and the southwest.

While there is certainly a business case for our expansion (more on that below), as a company we are dedicated to being an active part of creating new – and supporting existing – organic economies.

Not only do we work to create more organic acreage, we participate in and help nurture emerging, vital, socially responsible economies based on the development, use, integration and expansion of organics.

IMG_5500Now over the years, I’ve been blessed by a rewarding career working for large and successful companies. I’ve had the chance to work on projects all over the world and during some of the most exciting and challenging times of the past few decades – from the collapse of communism to recovery from the Great Recession.

Despite all this, there is no place I’d rather be, right now, than bringing our small firm, New Country Organics to America’s southwest, with our recently announced acquisition of the assets of Economy Mills in Lubbock Texas. You can read more about it at  

Most senior professionals are lucky enough to find meaning in their work that goes beyond the proverbial pay check, as it takes a huge amount of personal commitment, focus and abundant energy to be a success in those kinds of large corporate roles. And yet, how many of us can truly find meaning in what we do?  How many of us are nervous about giving up the big corporate role and trying something very different?

I left financial services in 2014, and took a pay cut to do it.  I haven’t regretted it for a moment.  

Not only is there the huge thrill of running a small company, with all the excitement of building and shaping it and trying to navigate around the ever present rocks in the water, there is the reward of seeing other people in the company grow and change, and realize that they have a chance to make a difference with their work.

It helps of course that our small firm has a strong social mission.  It is a for-profit enterprise, but we can only commercially succeed if we first address our social mission.  We see ourselves as helping people take back the food chain one egg at a time, helping growers put more into the soil than they take from it and creating ever more organic acreage.  It’s important to us that the organic acreage is created here, and we only buy US and Canadian grains as we manufacture our certified organic soy-free, livestock feeds and minerals.  

Not only does our commercial success enable the social impact, it makes that impact sustainable.  Commercial success also makes it possible for the people who work in the company, to earn a decent wage, with great benefits and enjoy a rewarding environment. 
As we succeed, we are fortunate to feel that we are influencing the world for the better, helping reduce consumption of chemical food, and supporting sustainable agriculture.

In recent years, so many people seem to have lost faith in free markets and their ability to lift people’s living standards over time. Now more than ever, it’s important to show new generations that it’s possible to both be commercially successful and still do the right thing. These are not mutually exclusive choices.

And that makes it all worthwhile.

Jim Campbell

CEO New Country Organics