Organic Farmers: We Need You!

Foreign organic grains for animal feeds are invading the US, retarding the growth of domestic organic grain production and raising consumer doubts about the quality and efficacy of organic feeds produced here in the U.S.

Unlike other producers of organic feeds, New Country Organics is committed to using North American organic grains exclusively. We want the full benefit of organic production right here in the US. We want to know where our organic grains come from and to ensure that our farmers meet strict, US organic certification standards.

According to a recent article detailing the U.S. organic feed industry, the majority of imported grains for feed use could be grown successfully right here in the US. While transitioning to organics is an investment, there are an abundance of helpful organic educational resources available to consumers and farmers to help them get started: in depth classes and workshops, web-based materials, and government farm grants to name a few. Planning well is the key to successful organic transition, certification, and production.

We want to encourage and support North American organic production, not hinder and undermine domestic production by importing grains from unknown and questionable sources. As the article states, “U.S. buyers of organic feedstuffs need to make investments in U.S. production.” New Country Organics is making this investment and is committed to increasing US organic acreage.

Here is a challenge to you: will you help us take back the food chain? We need more people like you to pursue organic agriculture right here. We can help. Let us help you get there!

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