BriteTap® Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer

BriteTap® Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer

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Traditional chicken waterers are easily contaminated when chicken droppings fall into open pans of water. The BriteTap waterer completely shields your flock's water from dirt and droppings so the water stays sparking clean and hygienic. No poop-filled pans of water to touch or wash out! The BriteTap is fully covered. Chickens drink from chicken nipples (special valves) on the bottom of the BriteTap waterer. Even chickens that have used a traditional waterer all their lives quickly learn to use the BriteTap waterer because instinctively peck at the red water valves. The BriteTap waterer was a finalist in the 2012 Spark International Design Competition that recognizes innovation functionality and beauty. Why The BriteTap Waterer Is The Best Poultry Waterer Keeps water sparkling clean and healthy for chickens. Less daily work for you --- No need to clean the waterer every day. Keeps chickens happy and prevents boredom because they enjoy pecking at the chicken nipples. Doesn't rust like metal waterers. Set up is fast and easy. No special skills or tools required. Easily attaches to Rubbermaid and Igloo brand water coolers and other plastic containers that act as the water supply tank. Supports up to 16 chickens. Works for baby chicks, chickens, ducks, guineas and other small fowl.

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