What Feed Should I Give My Ducks? Part 2

Every animal goes through different growth phases. For egg-laying ducks, there are three main phases: duckling, immature adult, and layer. Meat breeds would focus on the first two phases. We stress the importance of feeding the right feed at the right time. In this 3 part series, we discuss the differences between our NCO Duck Starter, Duck Grower, and Duck Layer feeds.

Duck Grower

After the first 2 to 3 weeks of life, ducklings are ready for a chunkier feed. This change helps to continue to develop their crop and digestive tract. Duck Grower is 19% protein, which is 2% lower protein than the Duck Starter feed. At this age, the lower protein feed aids in a slower growth for better-controlled weight and structural development. This also allows the reproductive system to develop properly. The protein level is still high enough, however, to meet feather production needs. Duck Grower is also formulated with higher niacin than our Poultry Grower/Broiler feed and should be fed after 2 to 3 weeks of age until desired slaughter weight or until egg-laying age. Niacin is crucial for proper waterfowl development in all stages of growth, specifically for wing and leg development. After 4 weeks of age, ducks can be introduced to water sources. While not necessary for their development, ducks do enjoy water and it is recommended to keep shallow pools nearby for their use. Fresh drinking water should always be made available, as it helps move food down the digestive system and clean beak vents.

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