What Should I Feed My Pet Pig?

Proper nutrition is crucial for the health of mini and potbelly pigs. For those following organic diets for themselves and all their critters, it is especially hard to find organic mini pig feed in the mainstream market. Thankfully, New Country Organics isn’t mainstream and doesn’t follow mainstream nutrition. We formulate our organic swine feeds with only the best, wholesome ingredients because we believe health starts in the gut. Our Certified Organic Swine feeds are fully formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pet pigs as well as production pigs, but can still be fed in conjunction with fresh vegetables and treats. The American Mini Pig Association has a great list of produce appropriate for your pig’s diet.

Mini pigs and potbellies should be fed 2 to 3 times per day but not to exceed 1 to 2% of their total body weight. New Country Organics 16% Swine feed is appropriate for young, growing pigs while our 12% Swine feed is appropriate for general maintenance diets. Both feeds have a complete vitamin and mineral component as well as probiotics to provide optimal nutrition to meet your pig’s needs. Fresh water should be made available at all times, as water is critical for digestion as well as for all of the body’s many functions. If you have specific questions about your nutrition program for your pig, please contact Jillian at 540-469-0694 or by email at Jillian@NewCountryOrganics.com.

Amy is one of our valued customers and shares her experience with our feeds below:

Hi, my name is Amy and I have a 2-year-old Mini Potbelly Pig named Piggy. All my pets eat an all natural, organic diet, so it was only natural that I wanted the same for Piggy. I didn’t realize that would be harder than I thought. Most Potbelly pig feeds are filled with lots of unhealthy ingredients and fillers. I thought I would never find a feed to meet my standards. Then, I found New Country Organics Swine feed. I couldn’t believe how much their feed suited our needs. It was not the standard hard pelleted feed but instead a ground mash with a fresh aroma. When mixed with warm water, it seems to turn into a warm Piggy heaven mash. Piggy was just 8 weeks old when I started him on New Country Organics Swine feed. He adjusted right away. We had no problems with the transition. The feed is very easy on his tummy and he has grown into a healthy and fit adult pig. He maintains a great weight on this feed. I’ve had no issues with growth or obesity during our 2 years using this product. It truly seems to meet all of our needs and Piggy and myself couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for a natural, organic, well-balanced pig feed for all classes of pigs, then New Country Organics Swine feed is the way to go hands down!

Thanks, Amy! Piggy is featured with her permission in the photos below: