Why Should I Feed New Country Organics?

We get a lot of questions about why our feed is special and what sets us apart from other companies. Our feeds are minimally processed, loose grain mashes with only the best ingredients. We don’t use least cost formulations and we only source North American, Certified Organic grains. Quality organic products are greatly important to New Country Organics and we are committed to helping grow and develop organics right here in this nation. We want to live where the organic products we use are being grown and developed right here. We want to develop organics at home, not import it from unknown and questionable sources. This is why we are committed to supporting our local farmers and providing fresh, wholesome feeds that are fully balanced to meet your animals’ needs. We believe the quality of our products speak for themselves and are thrilled to share Ms. Carroll’s personal experience with our feeds.


“I used to feed a local, conventional feed to my hens. The eggs tasted awful and I wouldn’t even eat them myself. The eggs were pale yellow with runny yolks, watery egg whites, and thin eggshells. I switched to New Country Organics Certified Organic Poultry Layer feed and in just 2 weeks, the eggs changed to bright, stand up yolks with a firm albumen (egg white), hard eggshells, and an incredible taste. I went from not eating the eggs to eating 3 a day.”


Thanks for sharing your experience, Ms. Carroll! We are so glad your birds are doing well.


If you would like to share your experience with us or have any questions about our products, please email me at jillian@newcountryorganics.com or call our Customer Care Team at 540-469-0694 and we would love to talk with you.