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Hemp: The Bedding of the Future?

Hemp: The Bedding of the Future?

With an endless list of options on the market, finding a superior animal bedding product that holds true to the claims on the label can seem impossible. Sifting through pellets versus sawdust, pine flakes versus recycled paper or cardboard, etc. can become an expensive experiment. The good news: hemp bedding now brings that search to a halt. 

Hemp bedding is made 100% from hemp hurd (that’s the center portion of the plant). It contains no phenols and isn’t palatable, making it a safe option for competition and pleasure animals. Let’s take a look at the other perks of using hemp bedding for your stalls or coop!

Hemp Bedding Is Incredibly Absorbent

Hemp hurd has a soft, warm feeling and can absorb up to four times its weight in moisture. By removing moisture from your stall or coop floor, hemp bedding also decreases the likelihood of flies and other biting insects moving-in with your animals. Instead of allowing the “pooling” effect of urine in horse stalls, hemp acts more like cat litter and clumps the wet spots together—locking down odors and making wet spots easier to remove. The top layer of bedding stays fresh and dry, keeping ammonia more under control and keeping your barn smelling fresh. In poultry coops and boxes, this moisture control can also stifle the growth of harmful bacteria like Salmonella and Coccidiosis. 

Hemp Bedding Is Low Dust

Hemp hurd used in animal bedding undergoes a cleaning process that removes particulates from the desired material. Horses with respiratory conditions like heaves (also called recurrent airway obstruction or RAO) or inflammatory airway disease (IAD) require strict management strategies to limit the symptoms. Arguably, the most important of these management strategies is eliminating any unnecessary dust in the environment of an affected horse. 

Less dust is equally important for poultry and other livestock, as well as for the humans cleaning their living areas. After all, the respiratory system of any animal is delicate and necessary for life! Breathe easily alongside your animals at chore time with hemp bedding.

In no context does this article replace a veterinarian’s advice or diagnosis of any animal’s condition. This information is meant to provide a better understanding of how hemp bedding can provide a healthy alternative to current bedding options.

Hemp Bedding Is Sustainable and Biodegradable

The hemp industry is new, blooming, and an advocate for our environment. The plant can be used for a wide variety of purposes and offers four times more yield per acre than wood. Even better, it’s renewed and harvested annually. Because hemp bedding has a finer texture than most wood beddings, it is also much tidier to clean and creates much less unnecessary waste. This both helps you save money and is better for our environment. By supporting the hemp industry, you’re supporting a greener approach to agriculture! 

Hemp bedding composts in a jiff and is non-acidic, so it casts beautifully in a manure spreader and won’t burn your fields. While hemp bedding isn’t a certified organic product, the hemp plant is naturally mighty, and so it does not undergo chemical treatments before or during harvest—making it a very low risk for pesticide contamination in your compost bin. 

Hemp Bedding Now Has A Companion

New Country Organics champions hemp bedding daily, hoping to get it into as many barns and coops as possible. We love it so much that we even created a companion product! Bedding Buddy is our own perfect combination of montmorillonite, diatomite, and dolomite. It has the ability to both neutralize ammonia by way of adsorption, as well as absorb any moisture that makes it past your bedding. Bedding Buddy is made from OMRI Listed ingredients, is all-natural, and is a beneficial addition to your compost. Give this power couple a try today!

September 3, 2020
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