Dolomite Pulverized Limestone


Corrects Soil pH


Improves Nutrient Availability


Adds Essential Calcium and Magnesium to Help Prevent Grass Tetany and Improve Root Systems

Dolomite Limestone can be used in both soil improvement plans and in building feed rations for livestock. Dolomite provides valuable nutrients to plants while also correcting the pH of the soil. This product is ideal for use on pastures in early spring to help prevent grass tetany in cattle and sheep. For livestock diets, it is often used as an essential calcium and magnesium source and helps prevent a number of other mineral deficiencies. This product is perfect for those following Pat Coleby’s ‘Natural Goat/Horse/Cattle Care’ series of books.

More Information
Size 50lb
Product Type Minerals, Fertilizer
Animal Chicken, Goat, Pig/Swine, Horse, Turkey, Cattle, Duck, Sheep, Llama
Ingredients Pulverized dolomitic limestone
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Pulverized dolomitic limestone