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Dry Humates

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Improves Soil Structure and Biological Activity


Boosts Nutrient Uptake and Yield


Increases Nutrient Holding and Water Holding Capacity

Made from North Dakota Leonardite, the purest form of natural humic acids known in the world, these humates help to relieve plant stress whether it’s applied as a soil amendment or mixed with fertilizer. The natural biostimulants found in this product help improve the availability of nutrients in the soil, particularly phosphorus and micronutrients. The workability of problem soils is improved and weak areas in a field become less noticeable. This product enhances any crops ability to absorb nutrients and resist stress, especially in marginal soils, resulting in faster growth and higher yields. Recommended application rate is 40 to 80 pounds per acre when added to a bulk blended fertilizer activator. For broadcast, apply 50 to 200 pounds per acre applied straight and then cultivated into the soil.

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Size 50lb
Product Type Soil
Ingredients Source Eleven Leonardite
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Source Eleven Leonardite