Garden Starter Kit: Soil, Seeds, and Fertilizer

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Garden Starter Kit

Shipping Included All-in-One Garden Starter Kit to get a jumpstart on growing this season.  

Complete with Soil, Seeds, and Fertilizer to Jumpstart Your Organic Garden


Spring into gardening with our Garden Starter Kit! This package includes everything you need to jumpstart your soil this season as well as four varieties of Southern Exposure Seeds.


McEnroe Lite:

McEnroe Organic Lite Growing Mix has all the benefits of conventional soilless mixes without the addition of chemical fertilizers or wetting agents. With compost, peat moss, and perlite, this product is ideal for organic growers who need a lighter weight mix. - the perfect addition to our Garden Starter Kit.


Fertrell’s Tomato Grower:

This kelp-based fertilizer contains beneficial microbes and nutrients to support root health and boost production. Apply this blend once in the spring and once during the middle of the growing season for optimal success. The resulting fruit will be large, flavorful, and nutritious all season long!


Sugar Cherry Tomato:

This particular variety yields large, currant-type ½ in. orange-red fruits borne in clusters of 12. The berry-sized fruits are larger than true currant tomatoes and are intensely flavored and sweet


Companion planting tips: Tomatoes help repel various pests of other vegetable crops. Plant near: asparagus, basil, cabbage family, carrots, gooseberries,

mustard, parsley, onions, rosemary, sage, and stinging nettles.


Chantenay Red Core Carrots:

These carrots are a blocky, broad-shouldered variety with blunt tip, 5½ in. long and 2½ in. at the shoulder with a deep-orange interior. No matter what your soil type, this carrot will easily adapt to its environment.


Companion planting tips:  Carrots help aerate and loosen soil and boost vegetable growth. Plant near: beans, cabbage, chives, early potatoes, leeks, lettuce, onions, peas, radishes, rosemary, sage, salsify, and wormwood.


Maxibel Filet Bush Snap Bean:

One of Southern Exposure’s most gourmet French “haricot vert” bean, these sturdy bush beans produce abundant yields of dark green, pencil thin, flavorful 7 in. pods in a concentrated set for easy picking. The stringless beans hold well on the plants.


Companion planting tips: Beans help fix nitrogen in the soil. Plant near: beets, cabbage, catnip, cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, marigolds, potatoes, savory, and strawberries.


Sweet Genovese Basil:

This large-leaf strain is great for a variety of dishes and is one of Southern Exposure’s most popular varieties.


Companion planting tips: Repels mosquitoes. Improves the flavor and growth off a wide range of garden crops, especially tomatoes and lettuce.

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