Calcium Carbonate, 50 LBs


Helps Neutralize Soil Acidity


Helps Increase Calcium Levels in Soil and Livestock Rations


Can Help Improve Weight Gain in Animals

Calcium Carbonate can be used in both soil improvement plans and in building feed rations for livestock. Hi-Cal Lime provides valuable nutrients to plants while also correcting the pH of the soil. This product can also be used as a free choice source of calcium for poultry. This product is also perfect for those following Pat Coleby’s ‘Natural Goat/Horse/Cattle Care’ series of books. 

More Information
Size 50lb
Product Type Minerals, Fertilizer
Animal Chicken, Goat, Pig/Swine, Horse, Turkey, Cattle, Duck, Sheep, Llama
Ingredients Calcium Carbonate Limestone
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Calcium Carbonate Limestone