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Pelleted Flax Bedding, 42lb

42 Pounds

Rapidly Absorbent Bedding for Animals

Absorbs Up to 350% of Its Own Weight in Moisture

Hypoallergenic, Low Dust, Biodegradable

At last, the perfect pellet. No need to pre-dampen this pelleted bedding, just sit back and watch it tackle both moisture and odor! We call it "kitty litter for horses."

Like its shive sister, pelleted flax bedding is a natural, vegetable-based bedding made exclusively from the base of the flax plant. This central, wooden-like part of the flax stalk is protected by a hypoallergenic fiber envelope and has a powerful absorption rate (up to 350% of its own weight in moisture!). Pelleted flax bedding is very practical in stalls, barns, coops, litter boxes, pet areas, and more because it clumps around moisture and otherwise easily sifts through your tools to significantly reduce waste. 


  • Benefits animals with respiratory issues or skin sensitivities
  • Helps keep your barn or coop surfaces cleaner


  • Natural, renewable resource
  • Neutral pH gives back to the soil instead of depleting it
  • Naturally high in nitrogen - doesn't need to be composted and can be spread immediately
  • Packaged in recyclable paper bags


  • Rapidly absorbs liquids, leaving remaining bedding dry and comfortable


  • 50% less product (on average) needed to maintain a clean, comfy stall or coop


  • Keeps your barn safer

Ideal for horses, poultry, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas, and even small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits! Oh, hey, it also makes great cat litter. 

We recommend providing plenty of food and fresh water to your animals at all times to prevent them from snacking on their bedding. As a general rule, don't worry if your animal sneaks a few mouthfuls; this product is of vegetable origin but doesn't have much nutritional value, so most animals may sample it but realize it's of little benefit to them.

Made from Canadian Flax

More Information
Weight 42.000000
Animal Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goat, Pig/Swine, Horse, Cattle, Rabbit, Sheep, Llama, Dog, Cat
Brand New Country Organics
Ingredients Pelletized flax shives
UPC 854044007903
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Pelletized flax shives