Herbal Ley, 5 lb.

Herbal Ley, 5 lb.

New Country Organics very own special blends of seeds designed to rebuild soil fertility and produce a well balanced forage

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What is an Herbal Ley? An Herbal Ley is a foraging mix comprised of multiple herbs, clovers and brassicas. It should produce a well-balanced forage that reduces fertilizer inputs and provide increased levels of vitamins and minerals to livestock. Additionally, it should build and restore soil fertility. Sainfoin, Yellow Clover, VNS Alfalfa, Small Burnet, Bonar Forage Rape, Forage Chicory, Tonic Plantain, Medium Red Clover, White Clover, Birdsfoot Trefoil,Pasja Brassica Seasonal only, but great news! It is available NOW for this Spring. While supplies last. Comes in a 5 lb bag Broadcast spread at rate of #5 - #7 per acre. Optionally add grass seed mix and/or fertilizer to increase broadcast efficiency.

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