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Organics is winning. The tide is turning. BigAg and BigFood are listening. People aren’t going to feed that !##@! to their kids, parents, friends, pets and not to their chickens! Your voice and vote count. Keep it up. Rattle harder! We are taking back the food chain one egg at a time. It’s working. Together we are making it happen.

We are organic community driven. That is what we do here at New Country Organics. We build and formulate and plan for the organic community. We are part of that community. Proud members. We use our voices and our votes and we work everyday to increase the amount of organic acreage. We think about better ways to help producers and farmers and gardeners put more back into the soil than they take out. We believe in organics. We are committed to making organics better.

We design our feeds and minerals to be the best possible feed and minerals, for the best possible outcomes, like health, flavor and well-being. We do it the best possible way that we can. We don’t do it conventionally. We don’t do it with a least-cost calculator and offshore purchases of grains of dubious organic provenance. We don’t do it in a linear mode, squeezing efficiencies out of a conventional approach to feed. We make quality feeds. And we don’t do it with soy.

We formulate for the organic community, for a high bar, for great expectations and demand for excellence. Because you ask for it. And we seek out the best products to bring to the organic community because you have asked for them and we know you will put them to good use.

We love working with you and working hard to improve community well-being, eliminate our collective toxic footprint, achieve community class sustainability in food and nutrition and our human place in nature.

Thank you for being part of the organic community. Help grow the organic community. We are making it stronger.