Molasses, Dried, 50 LBs


Highly Palatable, Nutrient Dense Feed Ingredient 


Can Soothe Stressful Situations 


Benefits Microbes in the Rumen

Molasses is a feed grade supplement that is used to improve palatability and increase sugars in livestock operations. This dried product comes in a 50 pound bag. Feeding molasses can help increase rumen efficiency and digestibility for cattle, provide appetite stimulation, and can help address immediate nutrient deficiencies. Feeding molasses during periods of high stress such as birthing or transition can also help give an immediate energy boost and help calm the animal down. 


This product is not allowed for organic production

More Information
Size 50lb
Product Type Feed
Animal Goat, Cattle, Sheep, Llama
Ingredients Dried Molasses
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Dried Molasses
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