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Redmond SR-65, 50lb

50 Pounds
In stock

The perfect blend of Redmond mineral salts and bentonite clay

Can be used as a soil amendment or animal supplement

Free of chemical processing

SR 65 by Redmond Agriculture one product that does it all. It is the perfect combination of Redmond's mineral salts and Redmond's bentonite clay, and it can be used both as a soil amendment and as a supplement for livestock. Free of chemical processing. Harvested and packaged direct from nature. Check-out what the manufacturer says about this product:


  • Increases soil electrical conductivity (EC)
  • Contains 60+ trace minerals in crystalline form
  • Improves taste and palatability of plants
  • Provides crucial minerals for photosynthesis, nitrogen utilization, and other plant systems
  • Improves soil's ability to store and release water and nutrients
  • Stimulates soil enzymes, nourishes microbe environment


  • Improves palatability (tastes better than commercial heavy mineral mixes)
  • Replenishes needed electrolytes that reduce heat stress
  • Provides 60+ trace minerals to improve overall health (reproductive, immune, digestive, circulatory health, and more)
  • Binds to harmful toxins found in feed, forage, or silage
  • Promotes digestive and rumen health
  • Increases feed efficiency


Typical dry application: with a broadcast spreader set at 30ft wide spread pattern, spread 200lb to 300lb per acre (bulk density is about 75lb per cubic ft.)

Typical foliar application: stir and let sit the day before application - use the liquid off the top of the mixture so that the sediment does not clog the sprayer; apply up to 4 times per growing season 

Typical Livestock Supplement Recommendation: offer free choice -or- to feed in a beef and dairy cattle total mixed ration: provide 10oz per head per day

More Information
Weight 50.000000
Size 50lb
Product Type Fertilizer, Minerals
Animal Chicken, Goat, Cattle, Sheep, Llama
Brand Redmond
Auto-Ship No
Ingredients Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate, Unrefined Salt
UPC 785364402090
Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate, Unrefined Salt