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Happy Birthday NCO and Happy Earth Day!

Happy Birthday NCO and Happy Earth Day!
April 22, 2024 73 view(s)
Happy Birthday NCO and Happy Earth Day!

We have so much to be grateful for as we make our annual return to Earth Day/NCO’s birthday! Over the last year, YOU were a part of supporting local organic farmers from across the country. When we first started calculating the amount of local organic acreage our customers support in 2019, you supported 2,606 acres! In just a matter of 4 years your continued support by purchasing NCO Branded Feeds and spreading the word to your friends and neighbors has grown this amount to a whopping 4,311 acres. Just think of how many local farmers all of you will be supporting in another 4 years, or 10 or even 20 years from now! It’s one big circle of organic love swarming around this wonderful country from our organic farmers who carefully care for and are committed to regenerating the land they farm, to many of you who are busy raising wholesome, slow raised organic poultry and livestock and in turn, sharing your wonderful bounties with the people in your own community. The entire team at NCO is grateful for the opportunity we have to be a part of this amazing circle. 

Over this last year we also made some major improvements to our Mill in VA which has made a significant difference in keeping up with the demand across the country for fresh feeds. We upgraded our mill by quintupling its milling capabilities, we are nearly finished with outfitting our VA mill with pellet capabilities and we also added a very large and spacious warehouse. 

We listened to your request and launched several new lines of feed which have been received quite well from you all. We launched our Pastured Perfect Line, offering a high quality, more affordable organic option to help our customers who may struggle with the high cost of providing organic feeds for their animals. We launched our super healthy Olive Oil Line for customers who are looking to stay away from seed based oils and we launched our beloved, Loyalty, Senior Horse Feed for customers who only want the best for their aging horses. 

We also introduced you all to our new Loyalty and Rewards program which many of you have taken advantage of. Our idea was two fold, we wanted to create an opportunity to build community as well, an opportunity to give back to each of you. Many of you have shared photos and videos of your animals and farms as well as the feed you are serving to your animals. You’ve also shared your reviews which in turn helps new potential customers feel comfortable in trying out our feeds, we thank you for this! Collectively, you have saved nearly $30,000 on your feed purchases, and we sure hope this has helped!  

As we celebrate our company birthday, we would like to thank each of you for your continued support! We hope the weather where you are will be beautiful and that you are doing something to make our planet a little better place to be on Earth Day and everyday! 


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