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How to Choose The Best Layer Feed for Your Flock

How to Choose The Best Layer Feed for Your Flock
September 28, 2023 276 view(s)
How to Choose The Best Layer Feed for Your Flock

With a large selection of layer feeds with high quality ingredients, it can be daunting to choose the right one for your flock. We break down each of our feeds below with highlights on their features and benefits. 


This feed is high in antioxidants and formulated without seed oils or oilseed ingredients. This corn-free, low PUFA feed has balanced vitamins, minerals, and protein. This is a wonderful choice for show hens and other high value laying gals. 



This feed is a fantastic cost effective alternative for your flock. Made with high quality North American grains and Certified Organic, this corn-free feed contains all the nutrients your pastured flock needs!



Our Corn-Free feeds are available as a mash or a pellet. Ideal for flocks living in hotter climates, our no-corn formulation is lower in starch to keep your flock cool.
Choose the mash version for chickens who have plenty of enrichment and large areas to forage. Pellets are the perfect option for those picky eaters who decide they would only like to eat certain ingredients. 


Our Certified Organic, Soy-Free 17% Protein Layer Feed is a complete nutritional feed of cracked and milled grain that's supplemented with organic kelp and alfalfa, and Poultry Nutri-Balancer. Designed for adult laying hens, our layer feed is formulated with additional calcium for egg shell strength and organic flaxseed to increase the omega-3 content of the eggs. 



 This feed is best fed soaked or fermented prior to feeding to soften the larger grain pieces and make best use of the substantial fines in the feed. Mix with warm water in the winter months for a delicious treat to keep your girls toasty. Studies have shown that fermented feed enhances gut health, aids in better digestion of nutrients, and boosts the immune system. 


Formulated without wheat, this feed is ideal for customers handling the feed who may have gluten sensitivity. This high quality, 17% protein feed is made with Certified Organic, North American grains. 


The classic feed for all adult birds. Made with high quality North American grains, this 17% protein feed is perfect whether you choose the crumble or pellet version. 
Pellets are fantastic for those looking to bring uniformity to their birds' diets and the crumble is useful for those looking to encourage their birds to scratch and forage. Crumble is also great for smaller breeds and Bantams.

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