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New Country Organics Rolls Out Livestock Fragrances!

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April 1, 2023 548 view(s)
New Country Organics Rolls Out Livestock Fragrances!

*** BREAKING ***


Dysfunctional Press (DP)


April 1st, 2023


New Country Organics of Waynesboro VA has announced this morning an exciting new line of innovative products.  The company is now offering livestock fragrances, with such attractive names as "Dust Bath Diva", "Fragrant Filly", "A-Ruminant-Therapy", and "Full Boar".  The new products are certified organic and soy-free and continue the company's long tradition of launching innovative and unique products designed to disrupt markets and challenge large established competitors.


CEO Jim Campbell said: "From one of the first companies to bring certified organic soy-free feeds to the market, the new line marks another victory for David versus Goliath in our continuing endeavor to bring the organic community fresh and innovative products.  For too long, homesteaders have had to endure odiferous ozone emanating from livestock habitations.  These new offerings are sure to transform country life."


The new line was developed with the assistance of a top parfumerie in Paris and is made from essential oils. Campbell continued: "The growing conditions in this past year have been almost perfect for many of the oils, so this vintage is quite spectacular and will cellar well for years to come.  It will also make a very pungent present for friends and family."


Interested consumers and dealers can procure the fragrances by emailing April1storders@newcountryorganics.com


*** END ***



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