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Why Should I Feed New Country Organics?

New Country Organics feed bags
August 3, 2021 777 view(s)
Why Should I Feed New Country Organics?

Why should I feed New Country Organics?

If you’re reading this, we may already be in your feed room. If that’s not the case, you’ve found your one-stop-shop for fueling your entire homestead the way nature intended. In a world of everyone claiming to be the best, how do you know you’re in the right place? We’re here to show you. 

We keep it close to home

Since our start in 1999, we have sourced our certified organic grains and other ingredients from right here in North America. Sourcing our grains locally acts beyond supporting local farmers (which is one of the most important things to do!). Sourcing grains from local farmers reduces the fossil fuels used to transport these ingredients to our mills. Grains grown organically here at home help rebuild the soil and ecological health in our own communities. Organic farmers here at home are often advocates for the health of our planet and strive to spread the knowledge and implementation of organic practices—expanding our organic community even more. 

We prioritize the health of your animals

Every company says it, but we mean it: the health of your animals is our top priority. We never use least cost formulations. Period. That means that we don’t change our formulas due to cost fluctuations of specific ingredients, so your animals receive the same feed throughout the year. 

Our feed is always fresh. We grind and mix in runs designed to keep just the right quantities on hand—stocked to maximise freshness while also ensuring there is ample feed to meet ever-increasing needs. 

We believe certified organic grains (which are also always non-GMO) are healthier, safer, and more nutritious for your animals. If your animals then go on to become part of the food chain, they perpetuate that health and safety to others. 

We are soy-free

Soy is in seemingly everything. It’s an industrial feed ingredient. If it comes in a box and it is supposed to be edible, then chances are high that soy is on the ingredient list list. The likelihood is also high that the soy is transgenic (genetically modified). Americans eat more soy than traditionally soy-consuming cultures. 

We don’t want soy to be in everything. Our multi-grain formulations provide a complete amino acid complement. New Country Organics is (passionately) soy-free for good reasons:

  • Soy is high in phytic acid. Monogastric animals like chickens, pigs, horses, and humans don’t produce the enzyme phytase. Without phytase, phytic acid can block uptake of vitamins and minerals in the gastrointestinal tract. Not only is this a waste, but it is creating pollution concerns. 
  • Soy is high in phytoestrogens. This can have a multitude of health implications for all animals. 
  • Soy is a trypsin inhibitor. Trypsin is an enzyme that helps break down many different proteins. Inhibition of trypsin contributes to allergies. 
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