Milleniumsoils Coir, 8 LBs


Coconut Husk for Improving Water Holding Capacity, Strong Root Growth, and Plant Vigor in Soils


Reduces Water Frequency Without Plant Stress

Coconut Coir is a natural, renewable resource that stimulates plant growth and improves soil tilth. This product is ideal for hydroponic vegetable and flower production, potted plant production, mushroom production, soil amendment, and much more. Coir helps decrease the amount of water needed as well as maintain excellent aeration in the soil. This helps reduce labour costs and minimizes plant loss. Rich in natural nutrients, coir can also be used to help maintain a more neutral pH in the soil. Each bale will expand approximately 5 times when wetted, yielding nearly 2.5 cubic feet.

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Size 10lb
Product Type Soil
Ingredients Coconut Husk
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Coconut Husk