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Did You Know? Not only is olive oil a popular
cooking ingredient, but it’s also a great
ingredient for your flock’s feed!

When we see our customers this excited
about their animals’ well-being, we can’t
help but get excited, too!

Regardless of the size of your farm or your
flock, spring is a busy time! Here are a few
things we do to prep for warmer weather —
what's on your list? 

April may bring showers, but it also brings National
Gardening Month! Do you know what’s in your soil?


The soil around your flowers, crops, or in your pasture needs
minerals to grow and flourish like all living things.


To celebrate National Gardening Month, take some time to learn
about your land and feed your soil some beneficial minerals!

Glad to hear we could “kelp” your goats, Toni! 


Our kelp-based mineral is a great free-choice vitamin to help support hormone
balance, lactation, gestation, and overall well-being.


Check out our product for cattle, goats, and horses here:


✳️ P.S. - If you’re looking for a great mineral for your sheep, be sure to give them
our kelp-based mineral option specifically designed for sheep!

Why should you look for certified organic on your feed label instead of non-GMO?
We may be able to think of a few reasons….


Certified organic guarantees that the grains in your feed haven’t been treated
with chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. It’s the best way to ensure your
animals receive the top-quality feed they need to remain strong and healthy.

Chicken Feeds

Classic Starter Feed

Classic Grower/Broiler Feed

Classic Grind Layer Feed

Corn-Free Starter Feed

Corn-Free Grower/Broiler Feed

Corn-Free Layer Feed

No-Wheat Layer Feed

Unmilled Layer Feed

Pastured Perfect Starter Feed

Pastured Perfect
Grower/Broiler Feed

Pastured Perfect Layer Feed

Olive Oil Starter Feed

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Olive Oil Layer Feed

Scratch Feed

Starter Crumble

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Layer Pellets

Corn-Free Layer Pellets

Gamebird Crumbles

Turkey & Duck Feeds

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Goat & Alpaca Feeds

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Llama/Alpaca Feed

Horse Feeds

Performance Horse Feed

Elite Horse Feed

Low-Starch Horse Feed

Loyalty Senior Horse Pellets

Swine Feeds

Swine 12% Feed

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Corn-Free Swine 12% Feed

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Other Livestock Feeds

Rabbit Pellets

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Sheep Mineral

Calf Feed

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Dairy Cattle Feed

CGH Mineral