Speedi-Beet, 44 LBs


Quick Soaking Beet Pulp Flakes


Non-GMO and 95% Sugar-Free with No Starch


Will Soak Up to 5X Its Size in Water


Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Speedi-Beet® Quick Soaking Sugar-Beet Flakes improve nutritional availability and provides energy through the natural process of hind gut fermentation. For the owner, it makes life easier by reducing soaking time to under 10 minutes against conventional sugar beet products, which need to be prepared up to 24 hours in advance. Sugar beet pulp is an ideal feedstuff. It is high in fiber but low in lignified material and is of great nutritional interest to the horse owner. Speedi-Beet® should be fed as a partial replacement for both forage and hard feed. Speedi-Beet® is an ideal fiber source for horses prone to laminitis. Speedi-Beet® releases nutrients the horse can use without generating large amounts of lactic acid. Speedi-Beet® in the diet can reduce the amount of hard fee and 'risky' forage sources. Imported from the UK. Comes in a 20 kg (44 lb) bag Typical analysis (%) as fed: Protein - 10.0/Oil - 0.7/Crude Fiber - 16.0/Ash - 9.0/Digestible Energy mj/kg - 12.4


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Size 44lb
Product Type Feed
Animal Goat, Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Llama
Brand British Horse Feeds
Ingredients Dried, Plain Beet Pulp
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Dried, Plain Beet Pulp